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King Salmon, Silver Salmon, Winter Steelhead and Summer Steelhead.

If you’re looking for guided salmon fishing then book with Swanny. He will put you on some trophy fish. Swanny’s Guided Fishing is by far the best when it comes to Oregon and Washington State fishing guides!

King Salmon or Chinook, whether the hard fighting Springers or the line ripping Fall runs, Swanny has the dates, time, technique and rivers dialed in to catch these beauties.

Steelhead are one of the top fighting fish you can hook into. Catching these elusive fish takes skill and knowledge. Swanny has been on top of this fishery for 30+ years. Summer Steelhead or Winter Steelhead, Swanny can put you on them. When you are looking for Steelhead Fishing Guides, he’s the guy you want.

Silver salmon or Coho, are more fun to catch and eat than should be allowed. These hard fighting fish dance on the water and give a real thrill!

Book a trip with Swanny and you’ll be coming back time & time again!

Fully Licensed Guide – Master Coast Guard License – Fully Insured

30 years of Experience – 3 Generations of memories & fun!!!!


Welcome to bait shop radio.

This past week we have seen major changes in our Spring Chinook fishery. With warmer water temps and slowing down the flows Fish, have started to move to there tributaries!

Willamette River: There has been major changes in this system. The fishing days have been changed from Thursday-Saturday, and the limit is 1 fish limit. The reason is this is the worst return on record for this time of year. However that does not mean that the fish are. Not coming back as we saw this past Thursday- Sunday as great numbers were caught from bottom of the channel to the falls. Trolling herring in the bottom of the channel cure in Zilla was the ticket and at the falls the hot bite was Cured roe back trolled with a 50 ft jet diver was very effective!

Columbia River: this system is open above Bonnevile but the main stem will close. Wild and Drano is open the catch rates have soared over the weekend. When u fish these fisheries you have to bring the kitchen sink cause you never know what they want. The basic methods are prawn spinners on a 4-5 ft leader with a fish flash, or a Herring on a 5-6 ft leader with a fish flash. There is always the plug bite flat lined behind the boat that works well. Also don’t forget the pro troll with a Brads cut plug packed full of tuna, sardines, herring etc.

Lewis River: slow and also let me remind u that it is closed to spring chinook fishing.

Kalama River: the catch rates have increased to about 1 fish a boat but I do expect this to change this next week as more Springers pour into this little system. Float and bait has been effective as well as back trolling plugs.

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Cowlitz River: this system is fishing from bottom end to the top with a catch rate of 2.5 fish a boat for Springers. There are a few Steelhead still being caught as well. Scanawa has started to fish as well but that fishery depends on how many fish are being dumped in the lake. Trolling herring has been the ticket for Scanawa .

Remember that we also have a good number of saltwater areas opening up for Shrimp, Hailibut, lings. But as always make sure you check the laws and regulations for what is open.

Book NOW for your Springer fishing dates.

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